Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lit Review

citation: Weaver, Karen. "A Game Change: Paying For Big-Time College Sports." Change 43.1 (2011): 14-21. Academic Search Premier. Web. 24 Nov. 2015.

Summary: The article gives information about how much money college athletics earns and how college sports are paid for. 

Author: Karen Weaver 

Key terms include: college athletics, students athletes, big ten, money 

Quote:  "
The Big Ten Network provides a revenue stream of almost $9 million dollars per year to each member. All told, the Big Ten Conference members stand to reap a minimum of $2.8 billion over the next 20 years" (1).

"The second warning sign is runaway coaching salaries. The belief that, in order to win, an institution must hire a “name” coach is pervasive in the mid-majors. One only has to look at Rutgers, which, in trying to elevate its national profile, has spent over $2 million dollars annually on head coach Greg Schiano’s salary and in 2008 added $250,000 to it from an out- side source without disclosing the supplement to the general public" (1).

"In fact, so many have applied for re-classification from Division II to Division I that the NCAA has implemented a four-year mora- torium for new Division I members. According to USA Today, the new membership re-classification fee for schools that join Division I when the moratorium is lifted may approach $1.3 million" (2).

value: I used this article to support college athletics, as it gives details on how much college sports make. However, I think I will use it to help support some facts I have about student fees and the affects they have on nonathletic students.

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